Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Am a Hero!

Jib here.

Mom took Sailor out. Without me. She left me with Tessie.

Tessie was unhappy. She sat at the front door and barked for her Mom. She even barked for MY Mom. She is terrible at being left alone. With just me.

Tessie barked and howled. She howled and barked.

Then she went and sat on the back of the couch. And cried and whimpered and whined.

Mom came home. Sailor came home. Mom and Sailor came to the door.

Tessie leaped off the couch. She met Mom at the door. Mom opened the door.

Tessie dashed out. She ran. She ran fast. She ran really fast. She ran to find her Mom.

I ran after her.

Tessie ran into the street.

I ran into the street and stopped Tessie. I stopped her and herded her to the curb.

I heard Mom come running, too. I heard a car come driving. I herded Tessie away from the car.

Mom finally reached us and scooped up Tessie. Tessie was frightened at being scrooped. She screeched. She wriggled. She screamed.

Mom held on to Tessie.

Once all the excitement was over, I peed in the bushes. Then we all went inside.

Mom says Tessie needs to learn more door manners. Like me and Sailor.

Mom also said I saved Tessie's life. She said I almost got hit by the car.

Mom says I am a hero. I am proud. Mom is proud, too, once she stopped shaking.


Lindsay Gower said...

wow, I'd be shaking, too. Jib, you did a good job. I hope you don't ever do it again!

Jan Mader said...

You are a hero and your mom should have your stories published as EASY READERS. She's terrific and so are you!

Anne, Sailor, Jib, and Zoe said...

Jib has written a book on blurb.com!


We will use this in his special ed READ class. And he's busy on a second book. Actually, he's written the book; I need to take pictures. He's not so great with the camera shutter.

Anonymous said...

A real life "Sunnybank Wolf"...Just goes to show that sometimes fictional writing can contain a measure of fact in it. So glad that Tessie is safe and so glad Jibby didn't get hit!