Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Dog!

Jib here.

Mom and I have a new dog. Mom says she is just visiting, but Sailor says that the last time a new dog came to visit, I stayed. But Mom keeps saying she is a visitor. Over an over.

What's a visitor?

Zoe says a visitor means we are borrowing Tessie during the daytime while her person is at work. Mom says her person used to be able to take Tessie to work, but now she can't. So Tessie is staying with us during the day.

Tessie looks like a puppy but smells like a girl. She is shy and barks when she is alone sometimes and is getting used to her crate. She is learning to Stay and to Leave It. Mom says she's a love sponge, and Tessie sits on her lap all the time. I tried to sit on Mom's lap, but it was too small. Way too small.

(Note from Mom: good thing)

Best of all, Tessie likes me! She quiets down when I sit near her when she is in her crate. She runs after me when I am running after my Frisbee after I promised that I wouldn't step on her. Tessie squinches her eyes at me and holds still and lets me sniff her tummy. Mom says I have a rude nose and if I learn to keep it to myself, Tessie will like me even better.

I think we are doing MORE than borrowing Tessie. I hope we keep her!

(Note from Mom: fat chance)

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