Saturday, June 18, 2011


Jib here.

I am tired. I am very tired. Mom says we had a long day.

Mom woke me up in the dark and remembered to give me breakfast. We drove a long way around curves and turns. And we ended up at an agility field!

I barked and I peed and I was measured. I am 24" tall.

Mom put me in my crate and I slept. And woke up. And slept. And woke up. And got out and trotted and pooped and peed. And got back in my crate.

And then I said Hello to Aunt Judy and Tavish. I said Hello to a tree and a wall, too. And I dozed some more.

Finally we ran. We ran and I jumped and tunneled and weaved. I weaved two times. I tunneled two times, too!

Mom was thrilled. She said I did everything she asked me to! She said I even went into the wrong end of the tunnel because I was so tuned in on what her body was telling me to do.

So we Not-Quited.

But I got steak for dinner.

Mom says we can do it again tomorrow.

I hope I can sleep in, though. I am tired.

So tired.

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