Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time for School!

Jib here.

I went to my new job today. I went to school. Not a dog school. A people human puppy school. I wore my jacket. I wore my red leash.

I looked important!

Mom said today we would meet and greet. Because it was my first day.

I met. I gret. I kissed. I sniffed. I schmoozed.

The kids loved me! I loved them!

And I shed all over them. I shed on their pants. I shed on their rug. I shed on their big black bean bag. Mom says that's the hazard of a bath. It makes me shed. Fur. All over the place.

Mom says I get to go back next week. I can't wait!

When is next week?


hared said...

How exciting for you, Jib!! I hope to hear more of your school adventures soon! Tell your mom to help you post more often (hint, hint)!!

Diane in Chico said...

The updates from you dogs always make me smile. Thanks.

What a good transcriber you mom is!