Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Jib here.

Mom, Sailor, Zoe and I went walking today. We sniffed ivy. We sniffed bushes. We sniffed weeds.

Mom says we all came home covered in Brrrrrs.

Zoe says Mom says Brrrrr when it's really cold. Zoe says Brrrrrs must be icicles.

I am confuzled. So is Sailor.

It is hot. It is not cold. My Brrrrrs are not cold. Sailor says his aren't either. They are just stuck. Very, very stuck.

I have Brrrrrs stuck to my feathers, my belly, my ruff and my kilts. Even my tail is stuck.



Lynn said...

My name is Lynn and I am also on the collie email list with you. I mostly lurk and enjoy the good info shared there. Our collie died back in the fall a year ago (he was old)so we are missing sweet collies in our lives these days. We have an elderly beagle (going on 16) so who knows - maybe another collie some day. I've had a collie in my life most of my life and I am in my early 50s now so it seems strange not to have one. When the time is right.. until then, I enjoy everyone else's collies, including your sweethearts! Just wanted to let you know I started reading here several months ago when I noticed you posted your blog URL on your emails to the group. I should have written before now, to say how much I enjoy reading the canine adventures at your house! Your posts always bring a smile and the pictures make me miss having a collie. They are beautiful! Give them a hug for me!
Thank you for sharing them!

Lynn -
Proud collie mom of Champ (my first childhood collie)
Courtney (my first beloved collie I bought of my own as an adult - the heart of a Lassie!)
Captain (sweet boy who later came to be Courtney's best friend) and
Rebel man (who lived up to his name but was a sweetheart nevertheless!)

I MISS them ALL!

Anne, Sailor, Jib, and Zoe said...

Thanks,Lynn! Sailor' blog keeps me hopping. So does Jib! Sailor was my first dog ever, and he came to me when I was over 50, so there's a good precedent for you.