Thursday, April 29, 2010

Face Feet

Jib here.

I am in trouble. Again.

And all because of a CAT!

When the GrandGirls and Zoe came to visit, I smelled Cat. When I went upstairs, I smelled Cat. When Mom makes quilts, I smelled Cat.

But I didn't know until last night. WE have a CAT! Right here in the house! Upstairs! In the GrandGirls' room!

I found her at bedtime. She was sitting by Mom's den door. Just sitting. And spitting. Spitting at me!

Sailor yelled, "No! Thorns!" and backed up.

Mom yelled, "Katy, the cat's out!"

The cat yelled, "Back! Back!"

And Mom grabbed me. My front feet said, "Back", but my back feet said, "GO!"

I leaned forward to sniff the Cat. She leaned back and made mad ears.

Then someone opened the door behind me. The cat ran. She ran almost under my belly. She ran into the GrandGirls' room.

My back feet told my front feet to GO! My feet ran. They chased. They cornered the Cat under the bed.

They also stepped on Elisabeth's face.

That's why I am in trouble.

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