Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back Door!

Jib here.

Mom says I had a light bulb moment. SHE had a light bulb moment. She said the right words at the right time.

Sometimes Mom tells me, "Back door." It means to go outside. Out of my house. Out into the yard. I know this. She used to say it every time she opened the door. Now she doesn't have to. I know it anyway. And I run to the back door when she says this.

Sometimes I need to go out and Mom doesn't say Back Door. Then I ring the bell. It's on the back door. And Mom lets me out. I have to sit first. Then she says, "Cross." I run outside.

But today I was outside. I was near the door-to-go-in. Mom said, "Back Door," and opened the door-to-go-in. She said BACK DOOR! Guess what? It's the SAME door!

Who knew?

I did! I knew! It came to me in a flash. It's the SAME DOOR!

So I went in and I rang to go out again. I sat by the BACK DOOR and looked at Mom. She said, "Back Door." I jumped up. I put my paw on the door. Mom opened the door. I went inside.

I rang to go out again. I brought Mom my Frisbee. She tossed it. Then I ran to the BACK DOOR. I dropped my Frisbee. I looked at Mom.

Mom understood. She said, "Back Door," and I jumped up and down. She opened the door. We went inside. It's the SAME DOOR!

Mom, let's play BACK DOOR again!

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