Thursday, December 17, 2009


Jib here.

Mom and I went to agility class again.

I have fun running and jumping and going up the ClimbIt and through the Tunnel! I don't have so much fun on the Teeter Tip-It or the WalkIt. They are sometimes scary. I don't know if the board will drop out from under me or not. So today I didn't do either.

Mom says she will help me remember how make each one fun. She will do this after our vacation from agility. Then I will like doing them. Again.

Mom is getting better, too. She gives me signals in time. I don't have to stop and do something over. I don't like doing something over. I like just DOING! And I especially like GoGoGo over the last four jumps!

But paying attention to Mom hurts my brain. My brain is more tired than my feet. Mom says that using my brain is harder than using my feet. That is why I am tired after obedience dog school, too. Says Mom.

So after class, I sleep. I sleep on and on. Sometimes I dream. But mostly I just sleep. All curled up in my dog bed.

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