Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Letters After My Name!

Jib here.

Today Mom and I went to another dog show. This time I didn’t have a bath. And I was lucky in another way, too. Mom says I finally earned my Compact Disc!

Mom is very happy. She was very obedient. We were in Nervous B and Mom forgot to be nervous. She was fun to be with. She smiled and smiled. Especially when I sat and sat and didn’t heckle my neighbor. And again when I downed and downed and DOWNED and didn’t sniff the floor OR my neighbor.

Mom got two white ribbons, two green ribbons, and a big green and gold ribbon. She is very glad to have those ribbons for some reason. But I lucked out again. I got a bait bag full of junk food! And I got a thingie Mom says she can hang on my collar at night and it lights up so she can see where my ruff is.

I think this thingie is the Compact Disc Sailor told me about. Mom is going to put my extra legs inside and they can flash. Flashing legs. Sounds just like me.

I don’t think Sailor has flashing legs in his CD.

Just me, Jib, aka Legendhold Two If By Sea, CGC, BPDX, CD!! This stands for Canine Good Citizen (naturally), Backpack Dog Excellent (sometimes), and Companion Dog (always).

Boy, am I tired.

P.S. Because of my bait bag full of junk food, Mom is now making me eat pumpkin. Lots of pumpkin. And washing my kilts with waterless dog wash. Bother.

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