Saturday, October 10, 2009

Bye, Zoe

Sailor here. Jib here, too.

Mom took Zoe for a walk all by herself. We didn’t get to go. Mom came back with tears in her eyes.

Zoe got in Erik’s car and they drove off.

Mom says Zoe is going back to live in Maine. She will romp in the snow and play with the grandgirls and go to work with her Dad.

Mom is sad.

We are all missing Zoe. We miss her being the Fun Police and shouldering Sailor away when he wants to grab Jib by the ruff and roll him in the mud. We miss her yelling for supper when Mom comes home from work. We miss Zoe sleeping on the lawn but always waking up to play. We miss her pointing out squirrels to hunt. We miss her leading the way when we all go on walks.

We think Zoe will miss us, too.

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