Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Am a Guard Dog!

Sailor here.

The gardeners came today. They smell funny. They come onto our property. They invade our space. They make a lot of noise. They are worse than the squirrels! One of them blows leaves away with a dog dryer on his back. The other one does things that make the grass fly into the air.

I go crazy. I have taught Jib to go crazy, too.

And today Jib let us out of the dog yard. He jumped and barked and barked and jumped and the gate came open.

”You get that one, I’ll chase this one away!” I yelled to Jib. I dashed to the older gardener and barked at him. “Get away! Go home! Get away!”

Jib went running to the other man. He wanted to say Hi! He wanted to play. But I barked at him and he got the hint and barked at the gardener, too.

“Jib, LOUDER!” I yelled at him.

Jib barked louder.

My gardener held me off with his dog dryer. I closed my eyes against the wind and barked at him anyway. He pushed the dryer into my face. I closed my eyes again and barked some more. I was trying to be louder than his dog dryer.

Jib’s gardener held Jib off with his long piece of metal. Jib barked and play-bowed.

Then Mom came running and called us off.

“Sailor, come! Jib, come!” She yelled even louder than the dog dryer.

I didn’t want to go to her. I wanted to protect her and run the gardener back out the gate. I wanted to boop him away with my nose.

Jib came to Mom, grabbed his ball on the way, and then ran back to his gardener. He dropped the ball at the man’s feet. Mom called him again and he ran to Mom. She called him a good dog.

I wasn’t a good dog. I danced away from Mom and started back toward the gardener. Mom yelled at me. Mom grabbed me by the collar.

Jib ran to his ball. Jib was trying to give his ball to his gardener.

Mom took a tighter hold on my collar and called Jib to come. Jib ran to Mom. She took us both back to the dog yard and shut the gate. I jumped on the fence and barked some more.

That will show those pesky gardeners! Maybe they won’t come around any more.

Jib and I are going to stand by the gate and watch for them to come back. We are not going to nap. We are not going to bark at the street noises. We are going to wait for the gardeners. Then we will run them off again.

And I hope the squirrels were watching us today. I hope they learn their lesson. If they come around, I’ll run them off, too!

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