Thursday, March 12, 2009


Jib here.

Yesterday Mom took me to Sheep. I got to bark at them. I got to chase them. I got to turn them around. There was a nice person. She petted my head and said Good Jib. Then she turned into a different person altogether. She turned into the Person with the Stick.

She turned on me when I ran and ran and tried to catch the sheep. I wanted to go! I wanted to charge!

But the Person with the Stick was in charge. I wasn’t in charge. I didn’t get to charge. Because she held a Stick.

I don’t know the roolz. Mom says I will catch on. I want to catch sheep. They smell great. They squish when I bump them. They go away from me.

But then there’s this Person with a Stick. And she won’t let me get close to them. So I trotted away from them. But she didn’t say Good Puppy. She called me back. And then when I came back to the sheep, she sent me away. "Out! Out!” she said and waved her Stick.

I caught on. I am not supposed to catch the sheep. I am not supposed to chase the sheep. So I was good. I went Out Out. I went way out to where the stick wasn't. I went out against the fence and down the fence and away from the sheep. I went to Mom. Mom said I could go to the sheep. But I didn’t want to argue with the Stick.

Then the Person with the Stick came and took me by the collar and brought me to the sheep. I was careful not to get too close. When the sheep started to run, I turned them and went Out again. The Person with the Stick said Good Boy. She did this again and I did this again. I have a lot to think about.

I need to go back. I need to learn the roolz. I need to know when I can chase the sheep. I need to know when I can’t. I NEED ROOLZ!!!!!

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